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Relationship Marketing

Don’t Be Boring

Nobody鈥檚 gonna like or talk about you if you鈥檙e boring.   You, your business, and your products need to be interesting for two important reasons:   1) It鈥檚 much easier to build relationships when people find you interesting.聽 One of the main goals of...
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They’re Talking About You…

The internet is a crazy place with blogs, review sites, and social media. If you鈥檝e been in business for at least a few years, chances are someone is talking about you or your business.   Do you know when people talk about you?聽   Are you joining in on the...

Know The Dog鈥檚 Name Too

If you鈥檙e really going to build relationships with your customers, you need to remember them and their preferences. And not just the obvious stuff either.   For example, if someone walked into an insurance office and the agent said, 鈥淗ey Tom, how are you doing?...

26 Ways to Hug Your Customers

Jack Mitchell鈥檚 enlightening book, Hug Your Customers, dives deep into why it鈥檚 important to develop real customer relationships. He refers to it as hugging your customers. Giving your customers something that exceeds their expectations.   In his book, Jack has a...

Re路la路tion路ship Mar路ket路ing

r蓹藞l膩SH(蓹)n藢SHip/聽藞m盲rk蓹diNG/ 馃攰


A strategy designed to foster聽relationships with your customers. Turns your customers into raving fans who support and buy anything you offer.聽Increases word of mouth referrals.

synonyms: “Holy Grail of marketing”

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This site is dedicated to helping you build real, lasting relationships with your customers. Over time, I’ve realized the biggest obstacle for people is consistently writing content to email and post on social media. That’s why I’ve written a bunch of articles you can copy & paste as your own for free. Check em’ out!

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If it’s your first time to the site, welcome! I’m Travis DeRose and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about Relationship Marketing. I like to think of it as the holy grail of marketing. It’ll turn your customers into ravings fans who buy anything you sell, boost word of mouth, and skyrocket repeat business.

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