Jack Mitchell’s enlightening book, Hug Your Customers, dives deep into why it’s important to develop real customer relationships. He refers to it as hugging your customers. Giving your customers something that exceeds their expectations.


In his book, Jack has a killer list of 26 ways to hug your customers that I’d like to share with you right now. Jack Mitchell is the CEO of Mitchells which is a high end suit retailer so some of this list might be specific to the clothing business. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to get the gears turning…


  1. Offer someone a beverage or a snack
  2. Carry their bags to the car
  3. Send a birthday card
  4. Send an anniversary card
  5. Remember names
  6. Sew on a button
  7. Press pants
  8. Call when you say you will
  9. Send flowers on a holiday
  10. Send flowers after a big sale
  11. Call and invite to lunch at the store
  12. Make reservations for someone at an exclusive restaurant
  13. Get tickets to a ball game or the theater
  14. Open the store after hours for private appointments
  15. Have liberal return policy that allows you to give money back with a smile
  16. Call another store to get something you don’t have
  17. Show product knowledge
  18. Smile
  19. Resolve credit issues instantly
  20. Give a firm handshake
  21. Look a customer in the eyes as a friend who cares
  22. Exchange business cards
  23. Telephone someone who’s sick to show you care
  24. Send an email (especially to people who travel internationally)
  25. Listen
  26. Send a letter of thanks


Hopefully this list sparked an idea of a new way you can hug your customers.

Let’s do great things together,


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