Nobody’s gonna like or talk about you if you’re boring.


You, your business, and your products need to be interesting for two important reasons:


1) It’s much easier to build relationships when people find you interesting. 

One of the main goals of relationship marketing is to turn your customers into friends. Nobody wants to be friends with somebody who’s boring. Have fun and be interesting!


2) People talk about interesting companies and people.

Word of mouth is a huge bonus of relationship marketing. It naturally lends itself to increasing the word of mouth about your business.


To help and encourage things along, make yourself interesting. People talk about interesting things because they want to appear interesting to their friends and family.


So how do you become interesting?


Great question!


You could do what the Chicago Bagel Authority did with their 56 bizarrely named sandwiches like the Hoosier Daddy and the Muenster Mash.


Or you could take a trick from Eddie’s shoeshine stand in Grand Central Station in New York. Eddie’s has huge, comfy, old-fashioned, red leather easy chairs for their customers to sit in. People tell their friends to go specifically to Eddie’s even though they walk right by dozens of other shoeshine stands on their way.


Before you run an ad, launch a product, add something to you “magic list”, or surprise your customers, ask the magic question: Would anyone tell a friend about this?

Let’s do great things together,


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